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At 99MarketingPro our business is to help you create your Client Magnetic System that attracts your ideal customers, clients or patients… and finally, puts you in control of your business, without spending your valuable time money or manpower on marketing without results!


We work with business owners – consultants, coaches, personal trainers and service contractors who are hungry for more… who have a strong desire to serve more people with quality service.


We are in the business of helping businesses like yours to increase their bottom line with effective marketing and sales that produces your desired and measurable output. 


Our goal is to turn small businesses like yours into celebrity brands. 

“As your Sales Generation Partner. Our mission is to help you scale your business by 

increasing your revenue with no extra out of pocket cost from you.”



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99 Marketing Pro gave me the tools necessary to create a buyer persona and a unique business proposition and shared with me a lot of very useful information that really helped me focus on specific aspects of my business and the marketing process

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Message To Market Match

Many business owners think their business is mainly the quality delivery of their service to clients. But smart and successful business owners understand that their main business is the acquisition of customers and keeping them. To achieve this, you must know your ideal customer, what their pain points and desires are, and have a persuasive message that connects with them to produce your desirable response – they deal with you. We work with you to achieve this by creating your own message to market match that builds a strong connection with your ideal clients, customer or patients.

Lead Generation

After knowing who your ideal customer is, the next step is to put your message in front of their eyes in a way that gets them to raise their hands to come to you. We work with you to develop your own lead generation system that brings in a flood of warm market at your door.

Customer Value Optimization

Generating leads for your business would not be adequate if you do not have an effective conversion system. However, beyond converting leads to clients, we also help you create simple solutions that optimizes the value of your customers and creates more referrals for your business.

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