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With your website, copy and content optimized, your site attracts the right prospects for you, so you don’t waste time and effort barking up the wrong tree.


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With content designed around your ideal avatar, your copy directly connects with their goals or challenges, and transitions them to the next phase of their buyer’s journey.


Sales Ready Leads & Clients

With copy and words that sell, your prospect’s desire to take your required action is raised higher so that you consistently increase your sales closing ratio.


What People Say

I look for partners that understand and know how to implement direct response marketing to do the work that we don’t do in-house. 

For website building, we not only use Osborne at 99 Marketing Pro for our corporate website, we refer our clients to 99 Marketing Pro as well. 

Most websites are nothing more than “virtual brochures” – a total waste of money. 

99 Marketing Pro build “great” websites – sites that connect with the viewer, has them follow a path through the website, building trust and rapport, and ultimately leading the site viewer to make a purchase. 


Chief Marketing Officer, RailGun Digital Marketing Automation 

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